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Just Call That's All!

There is no need to make multiple calls and set up different appointments for your home maintenance and repair projects.
Does your door close poorly? Does the faucet leak? Do you need a new electrical outlet installed? Do you need installation of a new toilet or sink? Let us take care of you.

Feel free to call (248-884-3493) with your questions.  We will be glad to come out and take a look at the job.  We will gladly drop by and discuss any aspect of your home repair and remodeling needs with no obligation.  Or

We can take care of all of your day to day maintenance & repair, your "to do list", so you can have more free time to do what you like. We offer a host of services for seniors. Porch rails, ramps and more.

For a quote call (248-884-3493) and leave us a message with the best time to call or come by to discuss your project.

We Handle All Aspects of Residential Construction & Remodeling!

Remodeling & Finishing


-install, patch & replace

Electrical & Plumbing
-Fixing Leaky Faucets
-Lights & Outlets
-Kitchen & Bath

General home
-Home improvements
-Home repair
-Painting & Varnshing

-Hot Water Heater
-Kitchen Hardware
-Shelving and storage

-Most ALL home repairs

This is only a sample of our services please call to see if we can help you with your remodeling & construction needs.

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