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Our Community

Allinder's gives back to their community:

Allinder’s has often participated in Christmas in Action.

With determination and pride Christmas in Action has been a leading volunteer organization providing FREE Home Repairs for our low-income and handicapped homeowners.

The last Saturday each April, thousands of volunteers work side-by-side, together, to improve the quality of life for our seniors while improving our communities.

The impact of Christmas in Action is immeasurable, neighborhoods are improved and strengthened and unnecessary and costly institutionalizations are avoided. Christmas in Action was summed up by Nellie an 80 year old widow and handicapped recipient, "This is Love in Action".

Allinders Residential Construction Company performs work in Oakland County and the surrounding communities.

For a quote call (248-884-3493) and leave us a message with the best time to call or come by to discuss your project.


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-Hot Water Heater
-Kitchen Hardware
-Shelving and storage

-Most home repairs

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